Mission Statement

Reviving hearts, minds and souls to develop and prepare the church for evangelism and mission

Who: Churchcom is a group of community enablers, with an extensive background of community development and community engagement skills. The initial vision of Churchcom came from a government funded role of community liaison within one of the United Kingdoms most deprived urban neighbourhoods.

What: Churchcom is a non-profit organisation, that aims to alleviate social poverty within specific areas of the United Kingdom. These areas are dictated by a Vision statement, initially within the geographical area of North Wales and Mid Wales. Churchcom aims to provide: opportunity for individuals of all sectors of life to develop and move from one platform to another.

When: Churchcom will operate within a recognised community building, within each geographical area. Preferably this will be an established and well used building with a history and ethos of community engagement. As a non-profit organisation, aiming to develop community members, it will operate a 9am - 9pm working week, every weekday - with projects being co-ordinated by vetted volunteers.

Where: Churchcom aims to initially operate within North and Mid Wales. However the training and development of individuals, allows similar hubs to be established under the same organisational name and have all the training and support of the Churchcom team.

Why: Churchcom aims to bridge the chasm of Church and Community. In the modern age we see that the modern Church is bogged down with paperwork and managerial duties. Churchcom aims to cut the red tape and empower local volunteers to become: Educated, Encouraged and Empowered to become Community enablers with a wide range of training, development and support offered throughout their contact with churchcom hubs.

How: Churchcom aims to galvanise all members of any community, where a hub develops. It aims to act like a springboard opportunity for developing and training each individual community member to move from position A to a position of B - through an individual development target plan.

  • Joseph Bevan

    Founder, ChurchCom Visionary. Has an extensive background in community development and engagement, following success in a number of inner city areas of deprivation within the area of Birmingham. Previous job roles include youth/community worker and Lecturer.

  • Leona Hill

    Responsible for the day to day operations of ChurchCom, focusing on Web Development and ChurchCom’s electronic presence. She has many years’ experience in start-up businesses and charities and her expertise and passion will be a driving force behind ChurchCom.